Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How can you make your Dog behavior polite?

 It is not easy for an animal to understand human behavior. Animal like dogs can change their behavior as we trained them properly. If you look your puppy at first he/she behaves very badly but after a few months he changes it. Sometimes the dog can learn from as automatically but not everything what we likes for this they need some training. Some time your dog jump to your body and it can cost a lot but if you train him he can stop it like you can give him a command for jumping and your dog jump on you when you give the command but remember one thing only give the command when your dog is at 80% on jumping. You can start training him to jump on some cue. After the training he will learn when he can jump. Read More

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How can you Choose Right Dog Crate?

Most of the dog owners are not able to give more time to their dogs. They are too busy to their work and some times nobody in their house to take care their dogs; in that case they want to safe their dogs. So for safe their dogs they must need right dog crate. In the dog crate dog are safe from outside threat as well as inside. You need only a small amount of money for buying a dog crate. When you are going for buy a dog crate at that time you had to follow some important tips. You had to looks the size of the dogs, the material of the dog crate and their different types.  One of the most important tips is the crate must be bigger because when your puppy became a dog at that time it needs more space for felling comfortable. Read More

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Dog can save your life

If you are a dog owner than just think about, how can a dog save your life? Yes your dog can save your life at any time because when nobody with you at times only your pet give company to you. If you are in danger at that dog can inform anybody, again if nobody in your house and you are falling serious illness at that time you can not inform doctor at that movement your dog can help you. There are so many ways that your dogs can help you. So love your dogs and take proper care. Read More

Tips for dog insurance Policy

Now a days dog insurance policy is became very important factor for their owners. If the dog owners are not want to take any risk about his dogs life then he must be go for insurance policy. There are different kinds of insurance policy for dogs you just choose better one and make contact with them. The costing rate of dog insurance policy is not higher it just depends on the ages of the dogs. An older dog needs more than young dogs. So go for it for saving your money. Read More

Dogs Leptospirosis disease

Animal like dogs have to face so many kinds of disease for living in this earth. Disease like Leptospirosis is very dangerous for dog’s body because these types of disease affected blood, liver and kidneys of dogs and damage it very quickly. The carrier of this disease is rats and dogs himself also. For avoiding these sort of disease dog owner must be clean his surroundings, sanitary and through yearly vaccinations. Read More

Dogs Chronic Hip disease

Canine hip dysphasia is very common disease for any kinds of dogs. Some people did not understand this sort of disease and for that reason their dogs are fall into very danger. The dog owner must be understood about these types of disease and taking preparation for avoiding this harmful disease. The sort of disease generally found in large and medium size dogs which have rapid rate of growth. In normal stage if you identify this disease than you should go for surgery treatment otherwise it will be increased more and giving a lot of pain to your dogs. The cause for disease is genetics or heredity, so be alert about the genetics of a dogs when you choose it as your pet. Read More

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some Dogs Safety Tips

A dog owner must have some knowledge about dog safety because of his dog’s safety. A dog can be fall into danger at any time. Every dog owner must be taken some steps for protecting his dogs. When your dog with you, at that time it can be face many dangerous situation.  Swimming in the ocean, river can be very harmful because some dogs are not expert in swimming. You should always take precautions when your dog in water. Another example is when you walking at that time must be taking care him otherwise it can be go to the street and fall into accident. Read More

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some fact about animal cruelty

The relationship between animal and human are decreased day by day because of the different types of animal cruelty. Every year a number of animals have to face animal cruelty. In my personal opinion human are responsible for this cruelty because this battle between animal and human beings. People are not obeying the animal law and for that they are not getting any punishment because the animal law is not strongest to give them proper punishment. Some of the fact about animal cruelty is as, dog fighting; cock fighting, Chicken Fighting, elephant circus etc. Read More

Stronger Punishment for animal cruelty

If we look to the newspaper, everyday animal cruelty increased but the punished procedure is not strong enough for protecting animal’s cruelty. Some people want to maintain their own tradition by flowing animal cruelty in this process they making arrangement for dog fighting and it became more popular in that area. So if the law strong enough to protect animal, in that case more and more animal died every year and the friendship between animal and human are became weaker and weaker. Every country had to take some step for saving the animal by following strongest animal law. ReadMore 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rain Forest Animal life

In the forest you can find different types of animal, they are different from their habits, hunting technique, and living. In the rain forest we have many tropical animals and they laid their life with a lot of struggling. One of the most favorite rain forest animals is sloth. These types of slow moving animal are fond in central and South America. Their looks like a small dogs and have a flat heads as well. Generally they are stay in the tree. Some sloth stays in the same tree for longer period of time. Read More

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Harmful Cosmeceutical Animal Testing

Ever year millions of animal die in labs for cosmeceutical animal testing all over the world. Animal like monkey, rats, dogs, rabbits are being tested in labs by using different types of products. For eating different types of chemical mixed foods they fall into many diseases like skin problems, eye tissue damaged etc. people had to stop this harmful test because by using this test we lost millions of animals and if it happened every year than I think we can be lost these beautiful animals from the earth. So this harmful test must be stop as early as possible. Read More

Animal therapy for Kids Autism

There are many kinds of people in the world and most of them love animal very much. They love the animal as like as there own kids and give them all kinds of facilities for living with them, the animal also gave them some entertainment. We all know that every animal has some importance in this world and one of the biggest advantages of animal is there therapy for human beings. Very recent time animal therapy is being used for autism and them success in their project. The autistic children can take this therapy. The autistic child can remove their lonely feelings and also build up their personality skills like responsible, trusting, contributing, and committed by taking these sort of therapy. Read More

The advantage of Animal therapy

Different kinds of people love their pet very much. They love the animal as like as there own kids and give them all kinds of opportunities for these animal also gave them some entertainment. We all know that every animal has some importance in this world and one of the advantages of animal is there therapy for human beings. People who are suffering in depression can be taken pet therapy. One of the biggest examples of animal therapy is being increased socialization skills. Read More