Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dog Tumors

Dog tumors can be frightening when first discovered. The natural reaction of the second you feel a lump is automatically think of cancer, but the important thing is to try to remember to keep calm and not get your dog uncomfortable. Sometimes lumps are nothing to worry about, but always worth a visit to the vet, because if it is cancer, immediate treatment is needed.

What is a lipoma?

You will find that lipomas are the most common types of tumors. It is not uncommon for a dog owner to feel suddenly, and then points the vet said that there are several more. Are essentially fat deposits that accumulate just below the skin. Lipomas are not painful, soft, round mass that usually remain just below the skin, but can also be found between the muscles in connective tissues.

Most lipomas do not need to be removed. They stop growing at a certain size and just sit there, but if they become too large and causing discomfort, then surgery is needed. Even if your veterinarian suspects that the tumor is lipoma, a biopsy may be ordered only to rule out other medical conditions. Read More

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