Friday, January 18, 2013

Management of dog vomiting

There are two objectives when vomiting dog:
1. Identify the underlying cause
2. Stop the vomiting in a safe and efficient
In many cases, the antiemetic therapy (the technical term for vomiting is emesis, so that drugs used to treat it are called anti-emetics) starts immediately, while the cause is being established.
A veterinarian will start by taking a full history, with special attention to the normal diet, recent medication, vaccination status and the description of the symptoms. He or she must first make sure that the dog is vomiting and not regurgitating really, it has a completely different set of underlying causes. It is also important to get a graphic description of the material expelled, and whether it contained bile, fresh blood or what appears to be coffee granules (partly digested blood).
The next step is a full clinical examination, including the abdomen feels good, the dogs rectal temperature and assessing the hydration status. Once this is completed, a veterinarian will have a slightly reduced list of differential diagnoses in mind. If the dog is not dehydrated, bright in behavior and both vital parameters and feeling the abdomen were normal, the veterinarian will often (and rightly) to establish a presumptive diagnosis of gastritis, gastrointestinal enteritis or diarrhea is present too, and prescribe antibiotics to combat bacterial infection unlikely.
The owner is then likely to be sent home with instructions to starve the dog for 24 hours and give soft foods for a few days, alongside the antibiotics. The owner is responsible for overseeing the dog closely, and return immediately if there are signs of deterioration, or 2 to 3 days later for a routine checkup. Read More

Merrick Dog Food

Merrick dog food offers more than 60 recipes for healthy meals for dogs and puppies of all ages and races. It is a family business in Amarillo, TX. What distinguishes the company is its willingness to conduct advanced research on nutrition and vitamins for dogs. When it comes to feeding your dog any dog ​​food ole "will not. You should take the time to determine what ingredients your dog needs to maintain good health.

The size and shape of the kibble to feed your dog should be ideal for the breed of your dog. Different breeds of dogs have food habits and structures of the jaw. Merrick actually take the time to research on the food and nutritional needs of each race.

Another thing you can count on the food on U.S. farms. All the meat is in this dog food is inspected by the USDA. It is boned and healthy. The recipes include ingredients that dogs need, including protein, glucosamine, chondroitin, and more. The amount of these ingredients is necessary depends on the age and size of the dog.Read More

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Gifts for Pets

Trying to decide on a Christmas gift for that special pet in your life? Through years of successful and not so successful, gifts to my dogs and cats I offer my list of what has resulted in responses from my friends happy each and every time. This list is not full of fancy gadgets, widgets or some less tasteful costumes puppy or kitten. But I have found that buying for my dogs and cats is no different than buying another loved one, like a friend or a relative. I always try to keep in mind what the pet receives the gift you like to do or what their tastes are special and then give the gift accordingly. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am buying the gift for my pets, not for myself. When I do this, I am putting back the reindeer antlers, Santa hats or sweaters silly, and instead of looking for a gift that they will love.

1. The gift of time. Without question, the only thing that our pets enjoy most is simply being with us. But our busy schedules sometimes our pets can not afford the time you need or would like us. Our dogs and cats incredible just want to share as part of our lives with us as possible, so for Christmas, plan a whole day around the two is filled with activities that are focused on your pet. If you are planning for a dog, your day might include time in a park or walking trail, play fetch or go for a walk. Then after your outdoor activity to give your dog a massage and brushing their fur. It suggests that snacks and dinner include all your favorite flavors. If your pet is a cat, you might want to spend time with them by chance a laser pointer, or a favorite toy tie to the end of a string and then play with them, and then play some more. Many cats love to snuggle and be petted for hours on end, often falling asleep in his arms. But however you plan the day, the last gift you are giving is "quality" time with your pet. This is a gift that can not be matched. It will strengthen the bond you have and both enjoy the time.Read More

Shampoo for Dogs

Anyone who has tried to buy dog ​​shampoo will know that there are different types almost the same number of dog shampoo, as there are for humans. The reason is that different shampoos perform different functions, and it is important to find the right one to meet the individual needs of your dog. This article is a guide to the many uses and benefits of dog shampoo, and also looks at some of the types available.

How different dog shampoo our Shampoo?

The most important thing to remember when a dog shampoo is that you should never use human shampoo. This is because shampoos designed for human skin has a pH level higher than designed for dogs, and this can cause irritation and allergic skin reactions. Read More