Friday, September 16, 2011

About Husky Puppies

Puppies are born in litters of 6-8 pups from their mother. Husky puppies grow rapidly until they are about 1 year old. As soon as you turn a can stop growing and continue to grow at a slow pace for several months. Until they are one year of age will increase dramatically in size and develop character. Husky puppies start to develop more teeth around 6 months, which may cause initial problems which will help, give your puppy something to bite. It is important to train their puppies while they're young. Read More

Pug Rescue of moral reasons

There are different options for all people who want to have a pet pug again. For all lovers of the breed, how pug rescue or adoption is special, and make you feel I did the right thing. Dog lovers who prefer this form does not have to worry about the attitude or the health problems of these dogs, and volunteers working in these rescue centers that house all species of animals to play with the dog and the train to behave correctly, and the dog also will have a general veterinary examination and be given the right vaccines and immunizations. Most pug rescue organizations have volunteered to work there, and these people like animals and want to find new homes, while a good temporary housing, not euthanize dogs or other pets. Read More

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to keep our dog fool?

The dog from puppy quickly learns your food will always come from human hands and not through the game making over the years to develop all sorts of strategies for food "extra" or find it tasty. Also the dog is an extremely intelligent animal being able to store hours of our meals and prepare your "action" daily designed to get some of our food. And if you ask yourself who has not succumbed to the plaintive cries and faces of your dog and gave him to eat prepared foods. Obviously this is a practice to be avoided as food suitable dogs are not what we prepare, full of fat and a source of potential future weight problems. In contrast optimal dog food is one that is high in meat and avoids grains. Read More

Monday, September 5, 2011

Funny games for you and your dog

It is said that a dog is man's best friend and pet lovers usually treated as part of the family. Caring for our dogs not only includes feeding them or taking a walk. Dogs have to play well and allow time for quality play can help develop better communication, understanding and respect with your dog. Play games that includes communication and work together.The game is an important factor in building social relationships that dogs are social animals too. Play is a basic form of the imitation of real life. Obedience can be taught to your dog through games and following the basic instructions can be fun.Read More