Friday, March 30, 2012

Dog to Stop Pulling When Walking On A Leash

Walking your dog should be a pleasurable activity we can do. It is a bonding, teaching and playing all in one hit. But how many of us really enjoy it, because the dog does not stop pulling his leash? And how many of us are under control, when we walk our dogs, or whether your dog to you? Lets face it, a lot of us when we are looking for a leash, your pet will immediately recognize what time it is, not over-excited and jumping around, there probably is some barking or whining, and as soon as the door opens, he is out!

If this sounds like you, read ...

If your dog is dominated by you and not the other way around, it tends to make the walk a very stressful time, and not just be able to enjoy the time together. It can also lead to that you do not want to take him away because of this lack of control, which ultimately means that he is not getting enough physical activity (and this can cause other problems in the home, such as chewing, barking, digging through the boredom, etc.).

Since daily walking is an important part of the pet owner, it is necessary to learn to teach your dog to stop pulling while walking on a leash. Keep in mind that in this case, your dog does not usually try to show that he is the alpha, and he certainly does not try to irritate you - he's just excited, because the wonderful variety of scents and smells everything she wants right now.

How to teach your dog stop pulling

Before you even pulled on a leash, you have to be one of the control. If he jumps around and whines excitement, wait until he calms down - to walk away if necessary. When he has quietened down, get him to sit and stay and then you get her in check. Read More

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