Thursday, April 12, 2012

About Wild Cats life

Cats can live up to 30 years. Small cats usually one or two per year litter or chick. Larger cats sometimes increases only once every two or three years. Did you realize there are 35 different types of wild cats? This is not my beautiful silver Persian cat. I think they have a family somewhere in the 35 different types. Seven types belong to a group called the "big cat." They are:

* The Lion
* Tiger
* Jaguar
* Cheetah
* Panther
* Snow Leopard
* Clouded leopard

Other types belong to the group of 28 small cats, now here is where my beautiful silver Persian cat fit, I'm sure. Cats live in human homes can be found in homes all over the world. These cats have been domesticated, which constitutes a "fancy" or "out".
Wild cats are living through part of the world except Antarctica, Australia and Madagascar. Wild Cats find their resting places and shelter from trees in different places cave. This will help us understand why our domesticated cats like high places and the places covered with something.Read More

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