Thursday, April 26, 2012

About Your Puppy and Teach Him to Ring a Bell

Everyone loves a new puppy. They are intelligent and full of love and licks. Some puppies are working. Most people find it a challenge to housing.

Most people get 6-8 weeks of age of the puppy. Prior to this, most of the herd or in the gut, where it is not discipline. Currently, the rules have changed to the new owner of a new home. It's almost five months until the litter is important to remember, is not housetrained. Patience is important for a new family member.

Need help with a new puppy. If your puppy is eating all day, he removed the whole day. So, 2 or 3 times a day, which is a regular bowel movement schedule (always keep fresh water available.), After which the intestine, they must take your puppy outside to urinate and feeding. Each animal is different, but most want to work in a meal for 15-30 minutes. Such as "go potty" words to use. This will create a committee. In addition, your pet's command to "go". When your pet and relax in the "work" is sure to have distractions. This will create a committee. In addition, your pet's command to "go".

Then after, we praise, pet, or even words can give special treatment. This consolidation is positive. What, so you can scare the puppy is not interested. And he afraid to show it to you to remove the fear.Read More

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