Monday, April 30, 2012

Children and Dogs - Dog Attacks

There are hundreds of dog bites in the United States each year. I say the implicit trust of at least ninety-five percent of dog attacks or dog bites people could easily be prevented or avoided. It includes all types of dog aggression, such as problems with children and dogs, as well as dogs chasing or charging someone.
People often ask me: "Big numbers - Where is the proof?"
The certificate is a simple truth. Thousands of people in this country are dog owners, but very few are trained way to read the dog's body language, or how to stop a dog attack mode. Very few dog owners to understand the dog's instinctive behavior.
What usually happens when the adult and child are involved in a dog attack is something like this:
Mom (call him "Mary"), and elementary school children (call him "Joe"), walk on the sidewalk. Out of nowhere looms a huge dog that really turn for the worse. They follow the old school, "eye contact and run - he does not see you as a threat, and he gets you." Afraid they will take it. Read More

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