Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dog at the Vet-Fearful Dog

Many of the proud and self-confident dog suddenly melt jelly as fearful dog when you take him to the dreaded appointment - your dog to the vet! Just as children (and adults) hate or are afraid of going to the doctor's office, has a lot of dog fears vet. You do not have to be a generally timid dog, who knows the only threat to the cool efficiency of all these strangers who hustle around here in the cold, sterile place so many fragrances out of fear! ... and especially if the dog muzzle is unceremoniously shoved onto the dog's face!

I rescued Border Collie is quietly, but he certainly does not love the vet, and is quite eager to return to the car. Most people just rush out there to get the thing to do, so out of ... and it is frightening to a dog! I always prepare my dog ​​in advance.

So before you go, first check your attitude. Come in and feel good, arid confidence and carefree attitude of "business as usual, no big deal." It calms and soothes your dog.
But he also has to be feeling good. Give her fun trips, so the car goes, this place is just another menoillesi him. Make sure she is relaxed even before the actual car, by giving him the proper exercise - such as running her bike or roller skdating. Make sure that she has had bowel movement if at all possible, because you want him comfortable.
Then you need to intervene to the vet himself. One of the reasons dogs often do not want to go to the vet because the veterinarian is always in a hurry ... and so are the staff. This may seem threatening. Read More

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