Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Aging Cats

When your cat ages, cat food, nutrition may be important to their quality of life. In general, cats with more than half of his life have a greater chance of survival. What is the good life is to keep the cat food-search terms?
First of all, how can you do when a cat "senior status" reaches it? Are you one of his gray chin, a small band of clouds from the eye can see on the hint. There was once a lively gait stiffness may have a hint. Any one of them in - like the vague symptoms of feline friends and his "golden" years will be entering.

The old saying that a cat's life is less than one year, seven years of "people" is not entirely accurate. Pets of the first two years in matured quickly equilibrate their middle years, and age, then the last third of their life cycle more rapidly again. Technically, once the cat as a parent can be considered to have reached 7 years or more. How do cats, regardless of age because of the different body weight, nutrition, environment and overall health is affected. Veterinary care and good nutrition for the developing thank you, cats are living longer than ever, and our warm affection and companionship for many years, their love is. In this lifetime, but, the elderly, such as old companions, as a greater risk of health problems and the problem of reading kabale cats,: weight gain and reduced mobility, heart, kidney and liver disease, diabetes, periodontal disease and dental problems, behavioral problems and cancer. Read More

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