Monday, May 21, 2012

Cats and Kneading

When a cat has the kneading and the claws retracts, usually when resting on its owner's lap, or perhaps a cozy, furry cushion or blanket. Most of the time it is purring, and their eyes closed, apparently, by showing that they are content to follow. Some parts of the world is this paddling and purring.

This behavior is explained, but without a doubt, it is instinctive trait may be disabled.
The theory is that the combination of the time they are kittens, the cat is a combination of their mothers when the milk flow more freely from nursing. Now and in the three weeks of age from weaning, kittens and their mother's milk when a lot of mixed Supplying breast spend almost purring. They are fast learners when it comes to fun and food, the discovery of any changes in their paws in the arm movements of the mother's breast milk discharge flow stimuli. If the cat dribbles or clothes sucks when a combination of the owners, perhaps it is too early from its mother and has not had a chance to act out. A soft, warm, comfortable area, it is perhaps our laps or sofa cushion is preferred in the kitty cats act out this Thurs. However, the most common explanation for this mix, there are other reasons. Read More

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