Monday, May 28, 2012

Treat My Dog's Cold

Although it is not something to worry about, the dog can also suffer from colds. Actually, it is quite a common disease that dogs get. Regardless, the common cold is not something that you should be happy with it just because it hurts a lot. What are the symptoms you should watch out for?

Possible symptoms of Colds

In general, the first thing that you need to watch out for is when the dog starts to sneeze. That means a lot of sneezing. He will start after the eyes have a runny nose starts to be a yellowish-green discharge which is also known as mucous membranes. Then you can start to hear a dog coughing from time to time also.

So How do I handle this?

When you cold, you usually take medications, and lots and lots of water. This would also make for your dog. Try to lift the dog's fluid intake, but more often than not the dogs who suffer from colds are trying to avoid the water. So try to give him a different drug, such as, for example by adding the broth in his water.Read More

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