Monday, May 14, 2012

Treating UTI in Cats

This is an important question that you yourself, ask me why my cat urinary infection is the area to do? It is more important to ask this question, if the cat has a urinary infection, or cystitis span will be repeated, especially when antibiotics round. The main reason for this is because the problem can not be treated by a veterinarian.

Because cats are cats to urinary infection, urinary span, traditional and alternative treatments that can help you, plus how to finally get rid of a urinary infection may spread to the spread of infection in the treatment of this guide.

What may be the cause of urinary infections in cats

- Kidney stones

- Budget (Struvite and oxalate)

- Some kind of barrier, kidney stones compared to other

- Parasite

- Metabolic disease

- Bacteria in particular, E. coli contamination

More symptoms of urinary infection

- Urinating often

- Do not use the litter box

- Meowing pain

- Urethral opening to relieve the pain from the loss to

- Fluid tank, and as much as the average urination

- Sleeping or more hidden

The standard treatment for UTI treatment for cats. Read More

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