Monday, June 25, 2012

Domestic Cat Behaviour

Our feline friends are such unique little faces. They are only interested in their own facial features such as a mustache, but in their eyes, nose, tongue, and highlighting their own special way. The cats in the darkness of the property, to allow flavors to navigate between the different smells, and even fit in small spaces. So how is this different facial features do not work?
Many people believe that cats are colourblind. It is a great idea, and in fact, oranges and reds than for most cats can see color. That they can see the color of the color that is less severe, but they sure can see the color.

She is colourblind eyesight has another powerful felines. Their eyes, so that they are specific targets on the vest and jump to a location that can be targeted. They see the night very well, because their eyes reflect light to a mirror-like membrane area. This reflects the light and dark areas at night very well see the felines. Read More

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