Monday, July 23, 2012

Indian Dog Breeds

Some Indian Dog breeds are as follows:

1) Rampur Hound
2) Rajapalyam
3) Area of ​​dog
4) Mudhal Hound
5) Chippiparai

Rampur Hound:
Rampur Hound is the breed that loves human company and is well suited to other dogs. It has clean habits. They may appear lazy but will charge if necessary.

The animal was very popular about 100 years, when Pathan traders used to take them to Rajputana, Central India and Bengal bottom.

This breed was used as a popular hunter an appropriate day was chosen and intimated to all hunters.

This breed resembles a miniature Great Dane. Rajapalyam have powerful build, muscular and heavy. This is usually a dog that was used for boar hunting wild boar and hare.

The dog needs plenty of space and freedom. If proper training the dog, who do an excellent watchdog. Read More


  1. Excellent dog from Indian dog breeds.. Like it.

    Pant & Wag

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