Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cat Eat Dog Food

Some dog food for your cat to play will be broken. So, you can eat dog food? Yes, but if the dog food he eats? Not!

Must be a lot of cats, a dog bowl and walk again to start the meal. After all, dog food and cat food-the food looks and smells like. Eating a little bit here, and your cat is dead, dead trees, but the dog food to healthy cats may require that certain nutrients are missing, there must be.

If you continue feeding your cat a food for dogs, in fact, a cat can go blind or develop heart disease. Miscarriages and other pregnancy and the fetuses of pregnant cats may be a negative factor.

Taurine - muscle meat, heart and liver was found - the dog and cat food for the difference. Taurine supplementation of the commercial cat food, cat food, and almost all contain added. Cats dogs need more protein. Their food for optimal health and prevent heart disease - taurine - they need this amino acid. Taurine on their own dogs. Read More

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