Friday, August 10, 2012

Tips for Trim Your Dog's Nails

Your dog does not like having their feet touched, but trimming the nails do not have to become an ordeal. Ease of handling work by the legs of your puppy on a regular basis to get used to care. If your puppy is used to having his feet touched, in every month is half the battle-won crop.

Cutting supplies

You have to buy a few supplies to trim your dog's nails success:

A nail clipper that is specifically designed for the size of your dog. They come in scissor and guillotine style. Either is fine, just decide what you and your dog will be more comfortable.
A small bottle of blood clotting powder. Far better to have on hand and never need that otherwise
The 5-step trimming technique

There are two ways you can position your dog nail trimming: they have sitting next to you or put it in a down position. If you have a very small dog, you can even sit on your lap while you trim. Once your dog is, start cutting: Read More

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