Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Barking Dog

Dogs are wonderful companions. They are always cute when they are puppies and usually become great companions that always make you feel special. But, sometimes while growing up, they develop habits that are annoying that make them less than desirable as family members.

Agree or excessive barking and jumping on people lead the list, especially in areas where people live close together or when traveling. A barking dog can be most annoying in a trailer park full of people. Generally, it is not the dog's fault, but the lack of training. These are habits that can be easily corrected.
The best way to control excessive barking and jumping is with dog obedience training. The problem is that dog training takes time and patience. There are two things that most of us do not have much. Training a dog is a behavioral change project and requires commitment, time and patience and not get immediate results. A good source of information for problem dogs is your veterinarian.Read More

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