Friday, November 16, 2012

Beauty of Possessing Cats

Cats and more cats, how they can easily become an obsession. I have been involved in the business of supporting me cat from a farm, in contact with a cat rescuer and helped three outdoor cats. My friend has a farm in the beautiful desert and when you visit, at least twenty cats are the traditional greeting of cat crying at the door and trying to steal a glance. At night, if you decide to stay, at least twenty cats take the place of the proverbial "cats who sleep with you." A black man has too familiar lower and licked the inside of my ear.

In the middle of the night, besides the rumpled sheets and blankets wrinkled, I endured the unexpected sensation of a predator cat in the window. A huge owl spread his wings menacingly behind the shadow and seemed to be the vampire who could take advantage of all domestic cats. After twisting, I was able to settle in a black child and resumed petting. During the day, the main challenge was to orchestrate the movements of waves of cats to keep them out of a room off limits. Overall, I enjoyed being a pet partner for this large group of desert cats.Read More

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