Monday, February 4, 2013

Borzoi Dog

At first glance, the Borzoi dog similar to a greyhound. It has a narrow head slightly domed. The long muzzle is slightly arched. They have a level or scissors. They have a big nose, being black. With dark eyes with a slight tilt. They detect their prey by sight and not by scent. Their ears are small and relaxed in the head. This dog has a long, slender neck. The chest is narrow and deep, the line of the back arches slightly upward. They have a low set tail with a wide curve. This is a large dog that is high. This breed has silky, long hair, straight or wavy. Hair is already in the queue, neck and hindquarters. This breed can come in any color combination, mostly all solid colors.

History: This breed comes from Russia. For hundreds of years, belong to the Russian nobility. They were developed from the greyhound greyhounds Russians and Arabs. This breed was called the Russian wolfhound, in the U.S. until 1936. When the name was changed to what is called today. This dog is a hunting dog. For hundreds of years, this dog has been used for hunting, hare, fox, and even wolves on the plains of Russia. For more than a companion dog, and to match that, her temperament is more docile than their ancestors.Read More

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