Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tips for Get Rid of a Dog's Cold

Even dogs are susceptible to the common cold. The two groups of viruses which cause common colds between dogs are parainfluenza virus and corona virus. However, even the adenovirus type 2 can also infect dogs resulting colds. If you notice that your dog has symptoms of cold , make sure you treat it immediately. Otherwise, the cold can escalate to pneumonia or other chronic respiratory diseases.

In general, cold in dogs is not serious, but it can be debilitating. Some of the common symptoms that dogs have to include runny nose , sneezing, coughing , watery eyes, loss of appetite, chest congestion and reduced activity levels . Usually dogs do not get the disease when suffering from colds . If fever is present along with the above symptoms, then in all likelihood, the dog is suffering from flu and should be taken to a veterinarian. Read More

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