Saturday, June 14, 2014

Take care of a Rehomed Cat

You just bought your first cat in your house. If you have a list of toys for you to play with it, bought it some food, and you have a problem with a lovely soft new bed to sleep in. There is not interested in cats. For the first time, if you bring your cat home for the first few hours is really important. While waiting for it to adopt a cat rooming center you have a small cage, then you are very nervous and are not sure what to do with all the places you can find. This is the first time you and your feline friends have a safe and long-lasting relationship to ensure that when it comes to your home, you should be aware of how to care for your new friend.

The first few hours
When it was first introduced to a new environment, a cat can become very frightened. The first thing to enter a room and you and your new pet your cat is enclosed room together so that the door is closed. If you are in a high-rise apartment up high to ensure that the windows are shut, especially. If a cat is frightened and tries to jump out the window to close it. Open the door and sit quietly around your cat carrier. Just sit and wait patiently, do not try to coach your cat out. This is your new cat will have a career night. They are not coming out, then down and around food, water, and keep the cat litter tray and leave them until they are ready.

The first few days
For the first few days you can find your cat hides a lot. It's your cat, they do not try to take his foot out and you need to take your cat to hide in a warm and safe place for your cat, there are important and why. Tempt your cat with a toy out of hiding and be patient with it. As much as possible to spend time with your new cat. Your cat is a bond between the two of you to make them as much as possible, you can not brush. You want your cat to be a lap cat, sit on the floor with them to pick up your cat and do not encourage them with treats. You take them for them to feel comfortable enough so it can take a long time picking up a cat can be very intimidating for them. Read More..

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