Sunday, January 22, 2012

Black and White Dogs Name selection

So I have decided to adopt a dog or puppy and welcome / a in the family. Congratulations! The addition of new pet is an exciting time for everyone, hopefully you have taken the initiative to learn all you can about dog care before claiming his new friend with four legs. When you are confident enough to know how to care for her new dog, the only thing left is to think of a new name for your pet if he / she do not have one.

According to Banfield Pet Hospital, the top 25 dog names of 2011 were:

    * Bella
    * Max
    * Buddy
    * Daisy
    * Bailey
    * Lucy
    * Molly
    * Coco
    * Charlie
    * Rocky
    * Chloe
    * Maggie
    * Sadie
    * Princess
    * Sophie
    * Lucky
    * Roxy
    * Jack
    * Lola
    * Harley
    * Toby
    * Bear
    * Sasha
    * Jake
    * Ginger
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