Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blindness Caused By Cataracts in Dogs

If left untreated, cataracts in dogs almost inevitably lead to blindness and disability. In addition, cataracts in dogs caused by diabetes can lead to further complications that can potentially be life threatening. Even today, many people believe that living with a blind dog is just too difficult, and might even consider giving away the most beloved pet. No! Many canine companions will live a happy, healthy and whole, even after complete loss of sight - and if your partner is blind due to cataracts, supplements may be able to reverse the damage.

The signs of vision loss

The detection of the hassles of changes in dogs is much more difficult than in humans because they cannot say what is wrong. Up to you to observe their behavior and make the check out before a minor problem extends into something much bigger. Learn to see signs that your pet may be losing sight may help prevent blindness altogether, depending on what is causing the loss of vision and the way it went. The first sign is usually an obstacle or difficulty walking properly. Blind dogs often step higher or lighter than their sighted counterparts, and they are trying to avoid running into anything. When you see something, tripped over, leading to an increase relative to the trigger when he had a perfect view. Read More

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