Friday, May 11, 2012

5 Dog Friendly Americian Cities

You can plan, but make sure it is the love of your family wants a dog? A little research reveals that many American cities are dog-friendly destination. No one is right for you and your best friend?

Boston, MA - founded in 1630, Boston is the oldest and most historic cities. If you find the perfect house that I have visited Boston in the knowledge that a significant number of dogs and the Boston hotel, relax. Beacon Street, Boston Harbor, and the more upscale hotels in Cambridge welcomes well-behaved furry friends. Residents in the city of Boston chain of his comrades are available for maneuvering it. Boston T subway line as well as small and large dog for you.

A number of water taxi and ferry catamaran ferry in Salem, and the tail, which is in Salem, MA Boston Harbor makes the trip in 45 minutes, and passengers to breath. You and your dog bones Boston Freedom and Black Heritage trail route to enjoy a stroll through history. Well-behaved leashed dog and horse and carriage tour the city and step back in time to see. The historic, tree-lined campus of Harvard University and Boston College green space, a picnic is the perfect choice for a wide poochie.

Beantown shut down elsewhere in 5 - and Carson Beach Park on a leash, leashed dogs surf could be the end of May to October. Boston store in number of customers Shopoholics love bite comes from the study of several pet boutiques and bakeries in the dog. Boston eating seafood such as Joe American Bar and Grill, and salt, such as grating, many dog ​​owners from around the world, and al fresco dining outside observer against the people. Read More

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