Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Keeping Your Dog Safe After Fall Gardening

As autumn approaches, the potential collapse of the garden, you feel like there is something there. Chosen as a fall garden planters, garden in the fall of autumn flowers in bloom. Bar, garden planters are those who have pets, and this may be a contradiction. In general, dog parks, damage, digging holes, chewing plants, flowers were destroyed, and much more. But you know the autumn, gardens, dogs are a danger? Here are some tips to keep the dog in the garden.

Scratches and also

The autumn leaves in your garden, read and branches defoliated. This may be your dog and scratches. The branches do not see your dog's eyes or mouth and may become stuck can be. Are you sure that your dog should come to a small park in the spring.

Foxtails can also harm your dog. Foxtails are immigrants of grass, seeds from a dispersing unit. Like a fox tail, so their seed, foxtail name. When the grass dries up, the seed sticks to the dog when you walk out of the fur. The seeds are barbed wire, so it is difficult to remove. They toes, ears, and be rooted somewhere in the dog's fur.

When your dog is really the victim here, foxtail, it may be swelling and inflammation. A self-conscious, and your dog will scratch vigorously shaken, the foxtail in his fur. Foxtail is filed within the body, can also be fatal to dogs. So I must be careful when you walk your dog to be. Read More

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