Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ancient Culture and a Dog

An ancient religions and mythologies of the dogs had a greater role of religion in the modern work. The reference to the ancient religion and culture in the world after the dog. AnubisSome gods, such as the Egyptian god, Anubis, as described in the dog. Anubis was the afterlife, talking to the afterlife, that we know the archeology of the ancient society of the most important part of a strategy for the recently deceased, was God. There was some controversy about a fox or a dog Anubis, which remains in the genus Canis. Ancient Egypt, however, even the family dog, a culture of respect and considered as the most important part. Family is like mourning the loss of their family pet, because it can harm a child. If they are so rich that they mummified their pet, and sent to the afterlife, where all the money as a colleague. Ancient Egyptian paintings and hieroglyphics that will be a lot of stories about everyday life, and their faithful dog destroyed Pharoses was buried up to their master, as well as have been found to be the final journey. Read More

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