Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Starting a Dog Daycare

If you want to start a dog day care business, it helps to know what it was like someone who has been where you are. This is my start-up story.

Fifteen years ago I was a Human Resources Manager for Fortune 100 company had recently acquired a second Fortune 100 company. Shrinking inventory of high-tech equipment and service companies showed more signs of contraction, and I was tired of managing redundancies my employer. I wonder how I could make a living while having fun.

I had always loved dogs, and I wanted to start their own business. After months of networking, dog breeders, veterinarians, dog walkers, kennel owners and dog groomers, I knew I had found the right general category, but I also knew I did not want to follow in the footsteps of anyone I'd spoken with. In any case, those companies with the experience, when the dogs are generally unhappy. "No, no," I kept thinking. "I want the dogs to have fun with me."

One of the sweet summer night, I sat my friend Lilly's porch in affluent Newton, MA., Mulling over the possibilities. "Too bad you can not make money by just playing with people's dogs," he thought. "I can not!" I was thinking. "I'll take care of people's dogs during the day. Think of a busy, well-to-dog owners here!" Tire out of their dogs, so owners do not have to feel guilty about being too tired to play a pet who is cooped up all day. Send them home to be their beloved people at night. Socialize with them so the owners can be proud of how well they behave with other dogs and new people. Read More

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