Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Army World of Dog Sledding

A dog sled is substantially the same as the next, right? Big fluffy huskies that link all of Canada and Lapland, their feet pounding on the snow. We could have blue eyes, the other gold, but it's probably the height of the distinction, is not it? Actually, no. Every dog ​​in the pack has its own special role and classification. It's a bit like being in the army - you take control of your superiors and are classified by your position. However, dogsled troops called "Oowwww!" and not "Yes, sir!" dogs roueCes guys are located closest to the sled and help pull the musher - the man in charge - and the sleigh in the right direction. If the course is straight and level they have an easy ride, but in the desert of snow, not much of a course of dogsledding is flat and straight. These dogs certainly earn their supper of fish, when the course is tough. Their job is to ensure the sled does not tip or tip pulling against the team to soften the change direction.Les sled dogs keep the wheel from cutting the corner and wraps around a tree from in reverse, which is always a useful maneuver dogsled. Read More

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