Sunday, June 10, 2012

Snake Training Your Dog Works

First, we put aside the idea until we found a few snakes bell had wondered in our backyard. Rattlesnakes are protected by the State of Arizona, so they have to be properly removed from his property by an authorized person rather than killed by you for which there is a heavy fine. That was when we made our decision to learn more about the training of the serpent, as it does not want any of our beloved pets bitten by a rattlesnake care. The venom of a rattlesnake can cause serious injury or even kill a small dog, and most dogs are very curious creatures. Snake training sounded like a step in the right direction for us and for our mascotas.Notas instructors: Instructors who offer this service were also veterinarians and trained exotic animals for movies. They explained how the formation of the snake worked, and made an appointment for the three trained dogs. We have learned that snakes are venomous, not poisonous. And, a baby rattlesnake has a total amount of venom at birth, so it can be more dangerous because it has not learned to control the amount of venom when biting is dispersed. In addition, rattlesnakes are shy by nature, preferring to be left alone and not pushed or poked with a stick the nose of a dog curioso.Training Day - Session 1: The day of our appointment, we arrived at the farm and were received by the animals and birds of all kinds. There was everything from flames to monkeys and even a giant poodle, a former circus dog that was bigger than a Great Dane or other large breeds that we had seen before. Looking around the area, we found it to be a very interesting place. As we walked toward the area of ​​training, little Pug put his nose through the bars of the fence, where a flame looks at us with curiosity, and was immediately spit the flame! It is not pleasant, but certainly had a good laugh. Read More

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