Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Siamese Cat

Siamese cat and the cat is the best-known species in the United States and the world. A baby that is not local to the United States. This is Thailand, whose name was first registered Siamese cats from Siam 1939.El United States President Rutherford B. Hayes from June 23 to reach the coast 1878.Esta very smooth and thin enough, was a gift for baby. Oval shape to sit at the feet of his skinny legs. Regardless of the level of symbols, known as points. This patch shade the nose, ears, tail and feet are available. Breeders have produced a point of comparison. This is some of the Blue Point, seal point, the point, and lilac point. The name of the color of the skin and other police instructions. When Siamese kittens are born, they are completely white. They must be empty for several months before the start point to be visible. Set point before they are visible on the skin color can be seen in the footpads. Blue points indicate tablets gray, light brown, chocolate, a score pad indicate, and the pink barigulo means that you have a lilac point Siamese manos.Read more

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