Sunday, September 23, 2012

Surgery For Dogs Can Be Dangerous

It does not matter if the surgery is for sterilization, cleaning teeth, cataracts, musculoskeletal problems or other "essential" your vet says surgery should be done for the sake of your dog. Any surgery comes with risks.
The risk may be because the dog is old, suffers from heart disease, a weak immune system or a host of other reasons. The consequences can vary from bad to perform the procedure, cutting through parts that have not been cut through to nerve damage, long term affects of the anesthetic or other medication in case of emergency from an undiagnosed condition, even death.

Although death does not happen very often, it is a very real possibility. And unfortunately, complications of surgery are frequent. It is impossible to avoid surgery for dogs, such as sterilization, setting a fracture or mend a gaping wound. But for all other conditions there are alternatives. As there is a limit to the number anesthetics even a healthy dog ​​can recover, it is a good idea to book these events at the time essential appropriate.Read More

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