Sunday, September 23, 2012

Essentials For Your New Puppy

You have made the decision to bring home a bundle of joy in the form of a puppy! Before taking it home, you should ensure that you have all the essentials and accessories you need to make sure they are happy in their new home. It will also allow you to start an affair with your new puppy right away, rather than having to start shopping for supplies.

Of course, you'll need a large supply of puppy food. They need a different kind of food than adult dogs do, because they need more nutrients. Although they seem to need more food, it is a matter of little and often giants give them meal size so make sure you buy small bowls. You will then want to upgrade to the larger they grow. Make sure you have a bowl of water and it is always well stocked, try changing it if the water is kept fresh throughout the day and night, she finally changed just before going to bed.Read More

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